CROM-BOX storage system

It also affords the possibility of completing your CROM-BOX storage system with your current tools or accessories.


Drop in at the CROM-BOX POINT OF SERVICE of the closest branch or call on your representative with the tools or accessories you wish to store away. Within 48 hours at the most, you will receive a customized offer for your storage.

With the help of our expert, you can choose between two inner foams with which you can customize, on your own or through our services, the ideal CROM-BOX storage system for your favorite tools and products.


« FREEDO » Foam

User-oriented and easy to install,
the precut foam allows to offer
the self-customization of all one’s tools.


« PREMIUM » Foam

Each foam is unique, high density,
and cut by waterjet cutter, which allows
for sharper cuts and optimal tool positioning.

CROM-BOX storage system